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Michael Hugh Renaud was born April 4, 1957 at CFB 1 Wing, Metz, France.

Son of Edward and Isabelle (Pat), and older brother to Phillip and Catherine. The family spent most of his childhood moving around like a typical military family, spending time in Baggotville, Goose Bay, Germany, Trenton and finally Hamilton.

Michael showed an early affinity for EMS joining St. John Ambulance as a teenager and volunteering in many capacities with them. This led him to join the military at 18 years old, heading to basic training in Cornwallis, NS before joining his trade of medic. Once he completed his medic training he joined the navy and spent approximately 3 years stationed in Halifax. During this period Michael began his foray into Nova Scotia EMS, working casual for Dartmouth, Arsenaults and Walkers Ambulance Services. In November 1978 Michael left the navy to purchase Digby County Ambulance Service, and became a member of the Ambulance Operators Association of Nova Scotia (AOANS) at that time. Michael worked as owner/operator and paramedic for a number of years.  In 1987 he was elected to the board of governors of the AOANS and immediately became head of training, with his main responsibilities being overseeing the Level II and Emergency Medical Assistant (EMA).

In 1990 Digby County Ambulance incorporated with Robert L. Hall Ambulance Service (Annapolis and Bridgetown), to form a regional service. Michael assumed the role of manager and maintained that position until the service was sold to EMC in 1999. It was during this time that Michael began to show he was a true visionary. The origins of the critical care transport unit, support unit and the NS ICP program can be traced back to this time. Michael turned the downsizing of the Annapolis hospital to a Community Health Center into an opportunity to make his employees some of the best trained and his service one of the best equipped in the province. Also at this time Dr. Ken Buchholz became one of the first regional medical directors in the province, supporting Michael’s vision for high quality ambulance service.

In the mid 1990’s the ruling party of Nova Scotia, the Liberals, and their visionary Health Minister Dr. Ron Stewart decided that the province wanted to pare down the 50+ private ambulance operators to one province wide operator, and they also wanted a provincial ambulance communications center. Michael responded to the communications center RFP with a proposal that included a TriTech Computer Aided Dispatch system and was awarded the contract to develop Nova Scotia’s first Ambulance Communications Center by the government of NS. He proceeded to spend the next almost 2 years developing the NovaStar Ambulance communications Center, and went live for provincial ambulance communications in September 1997. Michael assumed the role of manager and continued in this position until January, 2000. This communications center continues to operate with much of the vision and philosophy that Michael provided and continues to provide world class service to Nova Scotia to this day.

In January 2000, Michael left the Ambulance communications center to accept a position of IT Project Manager with TriTech Software Systems in San Diego, CA. He has spent the last 15 years working for numerous CAD Software Companies in the project manager role, and has been responsible for the setup of numerous multi-million dollar CAD projects all over the world, most notably Austin Tx, Auckland NZ, Dallas Tx, Staffordshire UK, Denver Co, and Fairfax Va. Currently he is leading the team that will develop the RFP, select the vendor and implement a new Computer Aided Dispatch Program for the City of San Diego Police Department. Michael continues to reside in San Diego with his wife, Janice. He is father to 5 adult children, Christopher-Critical Care Flight Paramedic, EHS Lifeflight, Amanda-Advanced Care Paramedic, EHS Digby, Michelle- Medical Laboratory Technologist, Digby General Hospital, Dallas-home contractor, Digby, NS and Vanessa-Emergency Department Nurse, Santa Monica, California. He is also the proud Poppa to 5 wonderful grandchildren (Ryder, Gage, Mason, Ellington and Morgan) who are unequivocally his world.

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  1. I am very proud of Christopher for writing this great article!

    I have had some great opportunities and worked with some of the best and smartest people in the world. When I first meet with a new agency I tell them I am from the EMS system in Nova Scotia. Everyone knows about Nova Scotia and how great the EMS system is. I remind them; there is a single reason the system is so good….. the Paramedics! I will always remember where I came from and who I owe my success to; the best EMS system in the world.

    Michael Renaud

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