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Historical information resides in a vast array of sources. We have connected with professional from the Nova Scotia archive (including the National Archives) and who have conducted research across the country and around the world in a wide variety of archives, libraries, government offices, and private collections. Our team is working with experts to decipher the arcane systems used to organize historical records, effectively employ on-line resources, and who are helping us develop targeted Freedom of Information Act requests to systematically gather the available historical record.


Research Day October 14th, 2014

This workshop hosted by Dr. Ron Stewart, Andrea Robin of the NS Archives, and The Nova Scotia Paramedic Society will introduce paramedics to historical research at the NS Archives. We invite paramedics to explore the fundamentals of preserving records, collecting, and archiving our EMS history. This group of volunteers will be seeking out and extracting evidence from original archival records around pre-hospital history. The workshop will help people to understand EMS history and the role of health organizations, individuals, and movements in shaping that past. Knowledge of the past creates a better future. We hope to help foster and promote a sense of community and develop a strong paramedic archival team of researchers.

Date: October 14th, 2014
Time: (8:30 registration) 9:00-noon workshop sessions
Location: NS Archives
6016 University Avenue
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Limited number of seats available for this workshops

2 thoughts on “Archive & Research

  1. Hello! How has this workshop benefitted your service? I am a paramedic in Ontario who wrote the history on our service. Please contact me, thanks!

    1. Hello Lynea,

      It was a great way to discover stories that had been forgotten and to better understand the history of EMS in Nova Scotia. Plus it was a fun way to connect our paramedics to the archive and show them how the system works. We now have experienced paramedics that know how to find things in the archives and provide the research needed to share our story.

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