Executive & Advisers

The Executive & Advisors consists of a group of Nova Scotians dedicated to ensuring the Nova Scotia Paramedic Society continues to operate most effectively and achieve it’s goals to promotes the study, research and communication of the history of emergency health services in all of its facets.

The Executive & Advisors volunteer their time and skills, meeting on a consistent basis to measure progress and communicate with the membership of the Nova Scotia Paramedic Society. The Executive & Advisors are a valuable tool and source of information and ideas, plus they help keep the Nova Scotia Paramedic Society focused on its main objectives.

John Bignell Executive Director
Frank Johnston Vice Director
Brad Landry Treasurer
Alishia Ivany Secretary
Dean Vokey Historical Research
Alishea Rose Officially Agent

J. Albert Walker Advisor
Dr. Ed Cain Advisor
Dr. Ron Stewart Advisor
Tony Eden Advisor
Jeff Fraser Advisor


Want to join the Executive or becoming an Advisors??

Do you share common interests with the objectives of Nova Scotia Paramedic Society? Do you feel you could contribute to the strength of the executive or as an advisors? If you answered yes, and you have a few hours you are willing to put towards volunteering then for more information on the process of joining the Nova Scotia Paramedic Society contact Emergency Health Services for more information.