Vision & Mission

The Nova Scotia Paramedic Society is a professional organization open to everyone interested in the history of Nova Scotia EMS. Our society promotes the study, research and communication of the history of emergency health services in all of its facets.

History provides current paramedics with the same intellectual and political tools that our EMS pioneers applied to shape paramedic values and beliefs to the social context of their times. Para­medic history is not an ornament to be displayed on anniversary days, nor does it consist of only happy stories to be recalled and retold on special occasions. Paramedic history is a vivid testimony, meant to incite, instruct and inspire today’s paramedics as they bravely trod the winding path of a reinvented health care system.

Our Mission
The mission of the Nova Scotia Paramedic Society is to recognize and preserve the heritage of the Emergency Medical Services and its contribution to the community. Our aim is to work with paramedic of all levels and subjects to present motivating lessons of local history.

Our Vision?
To become a centre of national importance for the heritage of the Canada’s emergency services. Reach capacity for museum visitors; become a destination site for tourism in Atlantic Canada and to be locally and nationally recognized for the quality of our exhibits.