Medic Monday to honour paramedics

On May 6, the Legislature unanimously adopted a motion from Inverness Progressive Conservative MLA Allan MacMaster that recognizes the bravery and professionalism displayed daily by paramedics across the province.


“Nova Scotia’s paramedics work diligently on the front lines of this province’s emergency care,” said MacMaster. “Their expertise, care and compassion are integral components of our health care system.”


John Bignell, executive director for the Nova Scotia Paramedic Society, applauded the resolution. “We commend the resolution and efforts to support Emergency Health Care in Nova Scotia,” said Bignell. “We look forward to the first Medic Monday and the opportunity it provides Nova Scotian paramedics to reflect on our profession, patients and what it will take to improve the health and well-being of our citizens.”


“Paramedics are our province’s front line medical and emergency response system and deserve our recognition, acknowledgement and gratitude,” said MacMaster. “People across Nova Scotia benefit daily from the dedication and skill paramedics provide in their service to this province.  It’s fitting we honour them and the work they do in saving lives.”


Nova Scotia’s first Medic Monday will be Sept. 30, 2013.


The Yarmouth County Vanguard

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