What we have lost…

vg ambulanceIn the QEII Halifax Infirmary ER there used to be two ambulance pictures, one was a horse and ambulance wagon and the other was a Cadillac ambulance hearse. The Nova Scotia Paramedic Society is concerned because to this day no one has been able to tell us who were these ambulance attendants or why the pictures were taken. When the new ER was built these pictures were taken down and were never replaced.

January 12 1969 - Nova Scotia Ambulance AssocWhen you walk the halls of many paramedic stations in our region you will see the pictures of paramedics from our generation. The Nova Scotia Paramedic society is concerned that with time we will forget who they are? Will people ask and contemplate their origins? Our society fears that many things about our story as Nova Scotia paramedics will be forgotten and or have already been lost. The Nova Scotia Paramedic wants to protect our stories and preserve our medical legacy.

With support from the Dalhousie Medical Historical Society, The Dr. Ron Steward Paramedic Foundation, The National EMS Museum of America, Emergency Health Services, Emergency Medical Care Inc., and many others leaders in our profession, we do have a chance to build an EMS museum that can showcase our profession. With your help the vision for the Nova Scotia Paramedic Society will be realized.

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  1. Hey John,

    Hope all is well. I might be wrong, but I recall that you were interested in EMS history in NS, and specifically the pictures that used to be in the hallway in the old ER.

    I was speaking with a patient, who mentioned the picture that used to be in the hallway in the old QEII ER. She said she was in with her mom on a stretcher, who noticed the picture on the wall and identified one of the men as her late husband, who used to work on the ambulance. It was the one with the ambulance, not the one with the horse. He is the man standing beside the ambulance. His name was Earl Graves.

  2. I remember those pictures….the operator pictured behind the wheel of the Cadillac ambulance/hearse
    was Ed McGrath. Both he and my father, Richard C. Spencer, et al, were VGH ambulance operators, circa 1948-1950’s. I inherited an original red with black stripe, Hudson Bay wool blanket that had been used in the ambulances of the day–now in the hands of his paramedic granddaughter.
    On one occasion my father arrived home with the ambulance. Without my father noticing, I had climbed in the back on the stretcher and fell asleep. It was not until he was well underway into the city that he had to turn around and deliver me back home. clsl

  3. Correction to my earlier entry–the driver/operator was incorrectly identified as Ed McGrath–should be
    corrected to read ‘Joe McGrath’.

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