J. Albert Walker

John Albert Goodwill WalkerJanuary 12 1969 - Nova Scotia Ambulance Assoc

(May 10, 1918 – August 1991) was a Canadian businessman in the funeral home industry, Ambulance Services operator, Telecommunications and politician from Halifax County, Nova Scotia. He was elected to City Council in 1974 as Alderman and again in 1984. The city council then elected him to be deputy mayor Preceded by Wayne_Adams. He was a founding member of AOANS In 1996 after his death Halifax Regional Municipality create the J. Albert Walker Park and 1993 named the connector road in his name.



Walker_ad_1990Mr. Walker was the owner and founder of J. Albert Walker Funeral Homes & Sons (Spryfield, Dartmouth, Seabright, Lakeside, Dartmouth, Cole Harbour)
Walkers Regional Ambulance services, the largest provider of EMS with the highest paid(0.10 cents more) staff in Eastern Canada.
PageOne Telecommunication services.Early Nova Scotia Ambulances





Founding member of Ambulance Operators Association of Nova Scotia, Head Maritime Club, Spryfield Business Association, J. Albert Walker – Golden Age Society of Spryfield. Mr. Walker was a member of the Spryfield Lions club and never missed a meeting in 30 years.

Newspaper articles

Will press for better training
Walker is new deputy mayorHonourary Scouter - Harbour West District
Undertaking a political career in Nova Scotia
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History of the Ambulance Service in Nova Scotia
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funeral ticket
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Best Ambulance east of Montreal
Banker tells of problems encountered at hospitals
Asking improvement of service subsidy
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Ambulance operators cancel strike threat
Ambulance on standby duty for every Metro Centre Brier draw
100 Maritime doctors told of need for improved ambulances
Ambulance drivers enter new era of responsibility – health minister
Ambulance drivers need training Public or Private Ambulance
Remembering the Ambulance Men
Hospitals Ambulance inoperative
Ambulance Drivers taking pilot course
Ambulance donations offered by Huskilson
Ambulance operators graduate StJohn ambulance members first-aid experts
By law, use of sirens flashing lights restricted to emergency situations
Interim funds for Ambulance service
Report Funeral Homes sold
100 Maritime doctors told of need for improved ambulances-1
Private operators says fire service superflous

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  1. Please check your sources.
    As a past member of Walkers Ambulance, we were not the highest paid in Maritimes. I kept one of my paystubs as proof to my current coworkers that could not believe we were paid less than minimum wage.

    1. There was an article published in the Mail-star that stated that they made $0.10 more then Dartmouth Ambulance and where listed as the highest paid attendant in Eastern Canada. Most paramedics didn’t get paid more then minimum wage until the late 90’s when EHS took over.

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