Fall NSPS update

Just wanted to bring everyone up to date with everything that has happened in the past couple of weeks.

’54 Ambulance – I contacted a police friend of mine to look up the VIP number and nothing showed up, he figures it’s too old to have computer records. I talked to Dan last week and he is willing to hold the ambulance for us and we have first right of refusal if someone offers to purchase it while we source the funding. I have requested better pictures and I am looking into finding someone in Barie, Ont. to have a look at it before we make the trip up there to purchase it.

Nov 7th EMS History Education Day – We have made connections with the Halifax Club and book their large hall for this conference. I am meeting with Dr. Ron Steward tomorrow to talk about his presentation and we have finalized the details to have international conference speaker Dave Carroll. We have about seven 45 mins time slots to fill, any suggestions or ideas would be great. If we sell 80 seats $65.00 per person we can walk away with $4,000.

50/50 Draw at Redstone – I talked to Denise regarding the 505/50 draw to support the restoration project. She offered to help set it up as long as we have someone sell tickets on that day. Frank is looking after setting this up and will connect with her.

Archive Day – Many have asked about spending the time at the Nova Scotia Archive and researching specific EMS events. I have talked to the staff at the NS archive, they are willing to put on a workshop for us and then spend time helping us research their newspapers, pictures and files. We are looking at some dates in November and October.

Fundraising efforts – I have sent out 15 corporate letters and 50+ letters to government officials. I have gotten great feedback and support from our MLAs and corporations. Plus paramedics have been donating online and mailing cheques to EHS. But we are a long way off from reaching our goal of $15,000. Over the next two weeks I will be following up with each letter sent out. I hope to also have a campaign mapped out to connect with our paramedic group and win their financial support.

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